ALSO | Graduation Exit Project
I believe that when people stop to think about how amazing the things they are experiencing really are, it makes them consider deeper things, and this leads to a richer experience on this earth. And the best way to help people see the wonder is to tell them about it—in a happy and intriguing way.
For many years, I have kept a list of things I learn about that I want to remember. For my college graduation show, I decided to highlight some of these things in a a visual display. The display became a funky deck of cards that I hung on a wall. The title of the work is ALSO, to emphasize the concept of a never-ending list of things I want to mention. This title became a sort of branding or decorative element to the work itself. 
view all of the cards here
My first step was to write copy for each card. I kept a list on Evernote of things I wanted to include, and one by one, I wrote an informative and humorous description for each thing. I enjoyed researching and learning more about the things I was highlighting, and it was fun to sprinkle my personality into what I wrote. The visual look of the card was only part of it—the text was the meat and had to be interesting, too.
NEXT, I took a few days to experiment with how different designs and papers would look when printed.
Then, I started designing the cards. My first designs did not feel right when printed, so I came up with another version that emphasized the name of each card and also utilized the title (ALSO) as a decorative element.
the original card design - These were printed on colored paper, but they felt too formal and uninteresting.
prototype for style no. 1
prototype for style no. 2 - This felt better.